Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th February, 10am til 4pm each day

Playden WI Hall,  Houghton Green Lane, Playden, Near Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7PL



Birch, hazel, holly, brambles, honeysuckle and rushes as well as many other woodland species can all be used in basketmaking to add texture and colour.


In this class you will learn to make a willow basket incorporating foraged materials from a local wood. On Saturday you will make the base of the basket in the morning, and then go to visit Grist Woods where you will learn about other plant materials that can be incorporated into a willow basket and how to harvest them.


On Sunday you will learn about techniques for weaving the foraged materials and complete your basket.


This class is a great class for beginners to learn the basics of stake and strand basketmaking and for both beginners and those with experience to learn weaves that are suitable for a different woodland materials.

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