I was originally taught traditional basketry by professional makers in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Twenty years later and I am continually fascinated by the variety of ways natural materials can be turned into three dimensional baskets. Whenever the opportunity arises I love adding to my skills by learning techniques from different cultures, or that are for different materials.

A few years ago I moved to East Sussex from the Isle of Arran in Scotland where I started my business. I enjoy being by the sea and the buzz of being in a more populated area. I am still based near the coast in Hastings with my studio near Rye in Iden.

About My Work

I have fun experimenting with all the different basketry skills I have acquired over the years; exploring combinations of weaves, using and putting together basketry techniques from different cultures in original ways, including ways of working that were originally developed for other materials, and sometimes even combining materials too.

The majority of my work uses willow. By growing and using willow I have been able to get to know the individual qualities of the different varieties. Each has a distinctive feel, texture, and way of working as well as colour. By blending techniques and materials I find new ways of making evolve and new designs emerge.

I am continually inspired by basketry and techniques from different cultures as well as the natural environment and the materials it provides.

As well as doing my own making I have formed an enterprise called Marsh Willow with my partner James which concentrates more on willow growing and artists charcoal production from willow offcuts.

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