Baskets From Found Materials 16 – Bindweed and Cordyline

My latest basket from found materials uses cord made from bindweed and fibres from cordyline leaves. To get from my house to my workshop in Hastings I have to walk down 300 steps to the bottom of the hill I live on. These steps are overgrown with a variety of materials that I might be able to use in the future. DSCN3592 But in particular there seems to be an abundance of bindweed growing over and down the walls and fences on each side. Bindweed After harvesting I left the bindweed to dry a little and then stripped the leaves before making it into a cord. Bindweed cord I then coiled the cord sewing the coils with fibres from cordyline leaves that I found in the street near my house. Bindweed Coiled Basket This is a small sample but I hope to make bigger baskets with this material in the future DSCN3849

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