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Contemporary and Traditional Basketry

Baskets From Found Materials Week 2 – Seaweed and Rope Strands

This week the basket is made all from materials I found on the beach. Seaweed and again strands of a rope that had been washed up.

Section of rope found washed up on the beach

Section of rope found washed up on the beach

This time I managed to find some longer bits of rope all the same colour which made sewing the coils easier. I also found a shell with a hole in it which I included in the finishing off.

Basket made by coiling with seaweed

Basket made by coiling with seaweed


  1. Lovely Julie, I can’t wait to see how this project progresses. I love students like you!

    • Avatar

      November 19, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      Thanks Lois, your course certainly inspired me. I think it will be interesting to see how the baskets change when I move down south!

      • Yes, it will be interesting because certainly they will change… I never found any seaweed in London but there are lots of other lovely materials to be gathered.

  2. I feel saisftied after reading that one.

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